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  1. @HoneyBuns OMG! Thank you!!! (And since we're on a conversation of dresses, if it is possible, just a thought, to have the dress lucille/felice NPC are wearing as an actual costume that would be the icing on the cake!) But anyways, thank you so much! I've been looking for these dresses for years and years!!!
  2. Thank you for reply HoneyBuns, Sorry for late reply, I was searching but I couldn't find a screenshot- so I drew it for you. I'm no artist but I tried my best. The costume literally looks like this. You can't miss it. Please let me know if you are able to find it? (I may be wrong with the name tea party dress- it could be called something else?) Thank you!
  3. There was an event before when I played long time ago where they gave out teacup/tea party dress. The bustle dress with top hat and umbrella set. It came in navy blue, green, and red. Will you be uploading that to this ROSE? I hope so, it was my favorite costume in the entire game.
  4. Yeeees it is so bad right now. You spend all this time saving 100m for something and when you can afford it, it's now 150m.
  5. Champion training. Pm offer. No lower than 18 please.
  6. 1) Hello Can you add Victorian dresses to the costumes? This is not a fling idea. I remember back in the old days, one of the servers I was playing on (maybe it was Ruff Rose), had an event and one of the rewards was a Victorian Bustle Dress. I have never seen it in any game before and it was the most memorable aspect of Rose for the last 15ish years! It came with a little hat and an umbrella accessory. PLUS it was available in 3 colors, blue, green and red! To me the gem of ROSE is that it allows you to play out fun characters in cool costumes that match the cartoon world of steam/carts/mana etc. and I think bringing more beautiful costumes like that would hit a nice spot. 2) On the topic of Victorian dresses, the NPC Felice Fete has a beautiful 1860's hoop skirt gown that would be so fun to run around in! Please it is/was literally in the game already. Can I suggest you make it available for us to have & run around in? These are just two suggestions but there's a whole world of 'extra' you can add, like steampunk carts, or "horse" and buggies/carriages. I'm drooling from the possibilities...!
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