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  1. All classes have the same stats and substats for all honor gears. This shouldn't be the case.
  2. thats enough, no more nerfing for mages they had multiple nerfs from the past. Learn how to build your character..nerfing is not always the solution. if you can't beat a mage then find a way, don't ask the devs to help you they don't care about you. LOL
  3. Name of Clan: Psychosians Your clan position: Deputy Master All players that will be participating and their job: Exelles (Mage) JiinX (Mage) uniCron (Knight) xBOY (Scout) AleirahQueen (Cleric) Simon (Raider) DamagePlan(Raider) Crystelle (Cleric) Subsitute: Elisha25 (Scout) MsKhay (Bourgeois) PrincessAurora (Bourgeois) JennyGrace (Mage) Francheska (Mage) Kiben (Mage) xTheOne (Mage) zeth (Cleric) Coconut (Knight) Sh0J1n (Scout) Raidex (Champion) WoodyWood (Champion) LEUHENCE ( Champion) Amadeous (Raider) Cate (Raider) Chapz (Knight) EmzTM (Knight) SoRryMyBad (Raider) Abibas (Cleric) Luna16 (Cleric) Hasyahumaira11 (Cleric)
  4. Also good if we can sell it back to valor npc and returning the valor points to players even just 80% of the valor points expense.
  5. I know ruins is a pvp zone, but if you can configure the area for turak quest to make it a a safe zone so that everyone can do the quest for lisent U will be good for all players. I know there is a clan who is abusing and owning it 24/7 and don't like to share with other players thats why they keep on killing anyone who go to that area even killing levelling players randomly. And because of that they control the price of lisent U in junon, making it so much expensive per piece which is overprice. If that area is not possible to be a safe zone, make a limit for the turak quest per player and not a repeatable quest to make it fair and balance for everyone who would like to do the lisent quest.
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