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Hi, I am DrBetter


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Hello all,

My name is DrBetter (30) and I am from the Netherlands. I have been playing roseonline since iRose and played naRose/evo as well, I think i quit around 2008(I was around 16). My fondest memories from Roseonline was when I was a member of the Swedaussie clan. Swedaussie grew bigger and we had different activities for members to join such as TG/clan field/PvE/PvP and once a month we held a clanmoot with our allies such as Retardmafia.

Will for sure try it out upon launch for the nostalgia but I am not certain if will keep on playing since it will be different compared to the old days.

Anyways, I am looking forward to party with people in Zant, Anima lake, forest of wisdom and Kenji beach!


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