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Devs. How open are you to reverting cleric changes?


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First off, I completely agree that this is your game, and you alone have the final say as to the direction you want to take things.

That being said, wether or not the game is successfull in the future is heavilly dependant on the comunity.

If there was ever a time players would make that request, would you be willing to revisit those changes?

I was just in the shower, and I was wondering.

Please ignore my spelling mistakes, I'm french 😃

Have a good day 🙂

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With current change of how buffs are spread among all classes, hawker class is supremely overpowered in 1vs1 pvp, also in mass pvp hawker parties will dominate, bourgs are too squishy in pvp anyway, so now people would either have to be compromised using dealer class to have hit buff to be able to compete with hawkers, or just simply lose because hawkers only having dodge mspeed buff - means they are extremely hard to hit and very easy for them to kite.


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