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Since this is a question rather than a suggestion, I wasn't sure where to post but this section seems to fit better.  Will we still have groups?  They played an important role in NA and I don't recall anything about groups being discussed on any of the livestreams.  For those who never played at NA, here is a brief summary of how they worked.
In order to enter the que for the game arena (dungeons or pvp games) you needed to be in a group .  The group leader selected the game or dungeon and all members of the group were teleported to it together.  When you left the game or dungeon, you were teleported back to the same spot you started from.

Groups were also used in the regular world.  Experience and drops were not shared in a group but buffs were.  A group could have up to 15 people (that included the group leader) and you could be in both a party and a group at the same time.  Levels did not matter in a group (unlike in a party) so I would often be buffing several parties with my max level cleric.

Towards the end of NA, there was a weird and very annoying bug where whole groups would suddenly be disconnected.  It seemed to happen when you has more than 7 people in the group and that bug was never fixed so obviously that would be a priority if we are going to continue having groups.

I know cleric buffs will not be as necessary as they were in the past, but I feel like groups could still be valuable especially for the game arena (assuming we will still have some version of that) so I really want to know if they will still be in the game.  


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1 hour ago, Flowan said:

Yes, groups are still in the game as they where before. Nothing changed on that part. In our second stream we tried to do a dungeon (where we failed terribly haha) and you can see lazy created a group.


Oh I do vaguely recall that now that you mention it.  Most of my memory of that stream is how the cleric had awful buffs because they didn't know charm rather than int was needed... and also Lazy not wearing actual armor and dying all the time lol

Thanks for the information.  Glad to know that groups will still be in the game and I hope the disconnection bug gets found and fixed.  

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