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account deleted?

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6 hours ago, chapado171q said:

Hello, when I go to access my account it says that it doesn't exist, can anyone gm help me please?

We never delete accounts, even if they are inactive.  You will get that message if you have mis-typed your email or password. Remember that passwords are case sensitive so check your caps lock key.  We recently had a game update so any login manager or mod will not work  Just take your time and type the info manually/

If you continue having issues, please make a support ticket so we can help you.

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Hi, I typed very slowly looking letter by letter and it keeps saying that this account doesn't exist, it's my first account I've always played with it and now it says it doesn't exist, my other accounts are still normal, where do I open a ticket to talk to support?

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If you are asking about a game account from when Gravity/Warpportal ran the game, sadly those accounts are gone forever. When Rednim bought the license, no player or account information was included.  Everyone here starts with a fresh, new account.

If you are asking about an account made on this server (2022 or later) and you are still having this problem, please make a support ticket.

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