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Question about exp/drop rates

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Good day and happy new year everyone. While I do understand some of the reasons why IM exp/drop rates from costumes were removed, I fail to understand why event costumes lost their bonuses?

Because it isn't p2w, and practically neither exp rate from IM was, it was p2skip. Everyone can access event costumes so I fail to understand the loss of bonus from them, because if it considered something that "not everyone can have" even if it's accessible to everyone, I would politely ask to remove the drop rate from bourgeois for example, or the zulie -/+ on npc from dealer class. As well as the Anima Lake exp armor set. It's accessible to everyone same as event and if event sets lost bonus then it should be fair for this set to lose it as well

Not trying to start a very big convo here but I'm just confused of this specific thing

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