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Item Mall Update September 2023


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September is Pirate Month in ROSE.  To celebrate this event, and International Talk Like a Pirate Day, we have several pirate themed sets. There are also two Faith  pirate-ish costumes that will be familiar to old NA players.

This year, to commemorate the Korean Harvest Moon Festival, we have another old Faith favorite, the Hanbok Set.  And to celebrate Cowboy Day a couple of months late (or early depending on your point of view), we have the Cowboy Set.

Check below for these and other September highlights.

This month, Gothic Lolita and Gothic Punk Outfits are in the Item Mall.  These two Faith sets were popular on the old official server. We have four different colors of very pirate-ish wings called Skullhead Wings.  There are several other themed costume sets too. And big news- this month we have a mount in the Item Mall!  It's not a typical Rose mount but it fits in with the Pirate Event and will only be available during the month of September.  It's a permanent mount that locks to the account and has no level restrictions.

Check the spoiler below to see what some of these items look like in the game.


Gothic Lolita
gothic lolita.jpg

Gothic Punk
gothic punk.jpg

Captain Zack (note: hair is included lol)
captain zack.jpg

Riot Corsair
riot corsair.jpg

Outlaw Punk
outlaw punk.jpg

Blue Skullhead Wings
blue skullhead wings.jpg

Gold Skullhead Wings
gold skullhead wings.jpg

Gray Skullhead Wings
gray skullhead wings.jpg

Green Skullhead Wings
green skullhead wings.jpg

Thief Bug Mount (You can find this cutie on page 3 of the Specials >Seasonal Tab)


Cowboy Set


This is where you will find a variety of useful things like Eye Contacts to hide masks and of course, Account and Character Storage Expansions. There are also several different shop looks if you want your vending shop to stand out in the crowd. Remember, when you activate a shop look, the item will disappear from your consumable tab and the timer will start ticking down whether you are online or not.

The Dark Oblivion costume weapons are still in the IM and the refine issue with the Dark Oblivion Shield was fixed!  Just to be sure, I refined this one to (20). The gem is an Opalite Trilliant [13].

Nothing new in this tab but remember, these are complete sets and using Preview will show you how the whole set looks when equipped. 

Both of the models in the Skullhead Wings screenshots are wearing the Black Uniform from this tab. The uniform also comes in yellow, blue, green, red and white.

We have an assortment of wings this month. The big and ever popular Angelic Wings are available in three colors. Red Astarot Wings and four other Astarot Wings and a couple of mechanical looking wings round out the selection. We still have our normal assortment of adorable backpacks, of course.

The male model is wearing Gothic Lolita with Black Guardian Wings and the female model is wearing Gothic Punk with Ruby Howling Wings
gothic lolita and gothic punk.jpg

Check in the spoiler below for a few more examples of possible costume/wing combinations from this month's offerings.


On the male- Riot Corsair Set with Astarot Wings of Humility
On the female- Ruler Set with Red Astarot Wings
humility and red astarot.jpg

On the male- White Power Suit with Mech Wings Q-25
On the female- Hanbok Set and Astarot Wings of Purity
mech and purity.jpg

On the male- Traditional Black Chinese Set with Golden Pixie Wings
On the female- Outlaw Punk Set with Bronze Seraph Wings
pixie and outlaw punk.jpg


Last, but not least, this month's non-event themed costumes.  The Power Suit, Ronin and Traditional Chinese Sets are here this month in colors we have not had in the Item Mall yet this year.  Something for the superhero in all of us and a touch of Mexican Lucha Libre. 

Check the spoiler below for more details.


The White Power Suit will make you feel like a real Power Ranger (only cooler).
white power suit.jpg

Speaking of super heroes, dress the part with the Super Rose (Rednim) Set
super rose frontt.jpg

Super Rose (back view)
super rose back.jpg

Azul Luchador Set
luchador azul.jpg

The Caveman Set for those times when you're feeling a bit wild


-Item Mall storage is free (no zulie cost) and unlimited. When you place an item into this storage, the next storage page appears.  You will never run out of room for your Item Mall costumes. You can also place utility items like Shop Looks, Saturunes or Glow Painters into Item Mall storage.

-Preview is an easy way to see how costumes will look on your character.  Click on the Preview tab on the side of the Item Mall Window. 

Then click on any wearable item in the IM.  You can move freely between the tabs and create your own unique look.  The circular arrows on either side will turn your character around so you can see the back and sides as well as the front view. Press the “reset” button to remove items so you can start again fresh

preview 2.jpg

-Refining Item Mall costumes does not cost zulie and your success is guaranteed but refine levels can NOT be removed.  So please take a moment to try on your costume after each refine level and make sure you are happy with the glow. 

Happy Shopping, Roserians! 🛍️

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