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Hi im currently downloading the game client, if anyone has a kind heart to help me with even just zulie to start that would be nice!, 
And if anyone know if there will be a new server or channel that will be opening soon or just opened please let me know... thank you!

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There is an Introduction section on the forums to formally introduce yourself. 

This is the new Official Server of ROSE Online. There will not be any new server or channel opening anytime soon as the game is still in Early Access; it hasn't officially been released for this current server. 

Zulie is...sort of a hot commodity for everyone. Maybe you'll find someone in-game that can help fund you for a few levels. Otherwise everyone is holding onto their cash. Just being honest and I hope you don't take this a negative feedback to joining the server. Welcome aboard but I'm sure the mods will move this to the correct section of the forums for you.

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