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Luau Event (Bring Summer to Luna) July 9 - July 30


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This event is different from other events. There is no actual quest. In order to participate in the event, you must be at least level 70 and be able to travel to Luna.

There is a special event drop on each of the four planets. 

On Junon Planet the drop is Junonian Salt Water
On Luna Planet the drop is Lunaris Vulcan Heart
On Eldeon Planet the drop is Eldeon Palms
On Orlo Planet the drop is Orlesian Sand

When you have gathered 50 of one (or each) of these items. talk to [Tavern Owner] Anzhelika in the Magic City of Eucar. The possible prizes are different depending on which drops you bring.  Once you have turned in an item, you can not turn that same item in again until you have given her the other items she requested.

When you have 50 drops from all four planets, you need to turn them in one at a time.  After you have turned in all four planetary drops, talk to the NPC again to get the Luau Box.

50 Junonian Saltwater - 5 Churros (HP 940 level 43) and  5 Empanadillas (HP 1320 level 60)

50 Lunaris Vulcan Hearts - 10 Char-broiled Corn (HP 2220 level 94)

50 Eldeon Palms - 5 Hero Sundaes (HP 3840 level 145)

50 Orlesian Sand - 5 Spam Musubi (  HP 6080 level 205), 5 Passionfruit Juices (  MP 900 level 210), and 1 Pina Colada (MP 720 level 160)

All four items - LUAU BOX- The box will contain one of the following:  Spit-roasted Piggy Mask, Piggy Ears, Piggy Nose,  Ukulele, Celestial Fish Catcher, or Hawaiian Outfit)

The Celestial Fish Catcher is a costume spear. The Ukulele is a recreational offhand item. 

Check the spoiler below to see what the event items look like.


NOTE: None of these event items have any base stats, but they CAN have substats.

piggy nose and ears.jpg

spit roasted piggy mask.jpg

hawaiian outfit.jpg


celestial fish catcher.jpg


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20 minutes ago, Beelzebub said:

The LUAU BOX is not repeatable and only 1 per character? Also, I've tried turning in 50 of each on my other character why I cannot get the Luau Box is the quest bugged right now? I have no problem redeeming on the first character but when I tried on the 2nd character I don't get the Luau box even I have 50 of each items. 🥲

Turn in each planet's drops one at a time. There is a line of dialog for each one. Then speak to the NPC again and she will give you a Luau Box.


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