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Phishing Site Scam


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Hi Roserians

There have been reports of players getting messages in the game from people claiming to be the clan master of several large clans.  The character names are similar to the real player's names but slightly misspelled.  They say they will invite you to their clan, or promise to give you zulie or items  if you vote for their clan. They ask for your Discord info then they will send the link on Discord from a person pretending to be LazyPenguin. Here is the Discord profile of the fake Lazy

fake lazy.jpg

As you can see, the scammer even uses the same profile picture as the real Lazy.  Now that we are exposing this scam, they might change their name and picture to impersonate other staff members but the real Rednim staff will never ask you to go to any external site. 

There is NO "Best Clan Event".  If you click on the link that's sent to you, you are taken to a phishing site where you are asked to log in with your Rose game account information.  Then the scammers can access your game account. 

If you receive a message in the game (or on Discord), please notify me or another staff member right away and don't click on anything.  If you receive a message and are unsure whether or not it's real, ask one of us here on the forum or on the Rose Discord server.

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