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Mask/Glasses Rework


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This is a suggestion that wishes for the rose community to have variety in using masks and not everyone uses the same "Junon Mask" everywhere. We all know that if you follow the Hero Quest at the beginning and finish it up to Act(3), you can get a reward called "Junon Mask" which gives 30charm and 30ap. In that case, most craftable face items are being set aside, and everyone will just use the Junon Mask until end-game. 

There is also an option for using the Unique masks that you can get from Halls of Oblivion dungeon as a random reward, however, those mask stats are mostly based on the main stat only.

Moreover, the Item Mall face items have their stats removed now. Giving the players fewer options in what mask they will use.

There is an old suggestion at the old rose online forums, suggesting the new craftable face item new stats. Examples are the new proposed stats below. (link: https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/35320-equips-stats-and-appraisal-stats-changes-detailed-document/)

Nomadic Beard: 25 attack power
Flu mask: Max HP: 800 / HP Recovery: 80
Black mask: 20 dexterity / 40 dodge
Butterfly mask: 40 move speed / 60 charm
Zorro mask: 8% attack speed / 40 accuracy
Persian mask: 6% attack speed / 40 critical
Wicked mask: 60 critical
Jolly Front mask: 80 accuracy
Iron mask: 180 defense
Totem mask: 120 magic resistance
Ashura mask: 20 strength / 20 concentration
Mask of Lies(Requires lvl 70): 40 move speed / 60 dodge
Ego mask: 80 magic resistance / 120 defense
Pierrot Nose: 80 charm
Pinocchio Nose: 60 dodge
Glasses frame: 25 strength
Dork Glasses: 20 intelligence
Thick Framed Glasses: 20 concentration
Sunglasses: 25 dexterity
Cart Googles: 35 sense

I think it's time to let the craftable masks be reworked so we can have more mask options to choose from. 
Thanks 😄

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