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illuminating vs. vagabond [con success rate discussion]


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Q: is it really worth to get a vagabond accessories?


i do not have the ring yet, i have a chance to get the ring for 2 billion that was for sale 3 days ago, he's vending it in front of me but i was asking myselis that really worth it?


so i re-asses


currently i have vaga neck, earring, and illu ring all with s8 if i bought the ring my con should increase +27 (13 for stats & 14 for set bonus) but would cost me 2 billion


see 3rd and 4th pictures


trying to craft hebarn

1,072 without any accessories + con buff

96.5% success rate


1,267 with my accessories + con buff

97.1% success rate

195 con difference 0.6% success rate difference! not even 1%!


see how imbalance that is, at current market price a set without s8 is worth 6b at the minimum if you are lucky


for somebody after investing billions just to get an end game accessories the % of increase just barely moved, let say i bought a vagabond ring, ok i have a set, i can afford that but i would not be happy to see the percentage just increase for like how much? 0.1% after spending too much


i was lucky to get the 2 vagabond that i have for 120m each months back, now that each accessories is worth 1.5b to 3b+ i think it is not worth it if you'll just mainly use this for crafting


your thoughts are very much welcome






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hello sir newbie here I plan to make an artisan full crafter, I would like to know the last equipment, can you please tell me the full armor set and stats and accesories and stats to become a full crafter artisan?

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