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Hi Team,


Not sure if this has been brought up already but I suggest making all king timers on the entire rose to spawn together at exactly XX:00. (12:00, 1:00, 2:00, and goes on).


  • Easy to identify what time kings would spawn. 
  • A challenge to everyone. (More teams would fight for a specific king they want since we would know when it will spawn)
  • A fair chance for everyone who can team up with their clans and not for those groups who know the timer by themselves and just camp.
  • Somehow make the market better?


Some might ask: "What if a king was killed at 12:55 and 1:00 it will spawn again? That is a very quick spawn than before."

– I don't think a King capable of dropping something good would be alive that long after the implementation of this. Unless we are talking about Jelly King?!


I don't see any CONs yet about this but I wanna see how other people's feedback about this for possible implementation. Cheers!

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