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  hi i have a suggestion,
Bring back knight skills to be a killer knight 
- Aoe silence
- shield bash ( 1 - 2 sec stun ) 100% success
- Lightning Crusher ( 4-5 sec stun skill)
- Leap Attack ( 3-4 sec stun skill )

I just want to suggest this because, with the skill you implemented in your server (rose online) we have to force to be a (def type) ( aoe taunt ) without ANY stun skills lol and now we cannot use the sacrifice in pvp. Supposed to be a knight has many stun skills. THEY ARE BORN TO BE A PVP TYPE NOT PVM TYPE 

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Not gonna lie, This Patch is definitely one of the best patch ever.. But I think there should be another changes regarding Knight's skill especially the "Sacrifice" skill.

I highly suggest instead of removing it completely and making it as a PvM skill, Why not increase the cooldown and nerf the range of the skill? (16m is the range of aoe, correct me if I'm wrong.) 

Its like removing mana shield from Clerics and Mages. Feels like, Knights job was removed and they can't even participate when it comes on dealing with mass damage. 

As of the moment, Raiders are definitely happy as they are free to kill anyone specially bourgs/mage 🙂

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