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Recon mech after get DC from dungeon


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Hi, this suggestion related on DC when dungeon.


This can be really frustrating when you're at the final boss, with 20% HP left and you got DC.

When you reconnect you can't re-join back into the DG game with same group.


I believe it will be better if we have recon mech for DG.

Perhaps when you got DC, you're given 5 minutes time to re-connect and will automatically re-join the same group to finish the DG.

It's just unfair for disconnected players to need re-join the DG, and end up with some random groups, and on top of that, the GA is deducted. Seems too lame to me.

I believe this same mech can be applied to PVP Arena.

Hope this can be considered.

Thank you ROSE team. 


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