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Online status in friend list and clan roster


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I would like to suggest more statuses for the friend list and clan roster.

Sometimes I get messages from people when I am in vending and am AFK, and I can not answer them before I get back. (I am vending a lot)

There is no way to tell that an online friend or clan mate is unavailable right now.

We currently have:

  • Online
  • Offline

I would like to suggest adding:

  • Vending: Updates when personal vending shop is opened. It could also tell your freinds what map your shop is located so they can find you and buy your things.
  • Away: Updates after 5 or 10 minutes of inactivity, or the user can choose how long it should take before they become inactive. I would define "inactivity" to mean any activity at all, including all chats seeing as this is a social feature. The user should also be able to choose if they want to automatically become inactive or not. It should also be possible to manually enter away mode. The activity tracker should be handled by the client to save load on the server, and also because one can manually enter away mode.
  • Busy: A user should be able to set themselves as busy of they are doing something right now.
  • Ghost mode: A user should be able to appear as offline for some sneaky gaming.

These statuses should only serve a social function, in which it will tell people if their friends or clan mates are available or not. Currently it only says you are online, and that is a bit vague.

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