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King's and Dungeon All in one place!


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Morning, many of you already know me but in game my name is MeNewbie and i play Rose online for many many years. Anyway i will jump to my suggestion wich focus on Dungeons and kings.

Many of you may dissagree with new system on King loot and DPS over 1st Hit that's why i come with this suggestion.

So what we need is a dungeon that contain all king's from Junon/luna/eldeon and Orlo. I know there are a lot of kings but once this is setup and all working fine we gona have a good PVM content and system.


It can be "Dungeon: Junon (select your boss) "

"Dungeon: Luna (select your boss) "

"Dungeon: Eldeon (select your boss) "

"Dungeon: Orlo (select your boss) "

What drop system shold be?

Same as now but you can lower the drop rate of thise gems,why? because now everyone will have acces to boss farm so they will be all over.

What you gona do with current bosses on worlds? is simple leave them as they are. Some people will lvling and still farm some end game gear. The dungeon can cost GA like 1k. It will be more content for solo players and also better farm for bosses.

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