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In all my years playing ROSE this game has always been PAY2WIN, and by that I don't specifically mean in PVP terms, it just makes it easier for people to gear up and enjoy the game VIA item mall. Making ROSE a completely farm game is not feasible. Farming takes ages, so I don't blame people for buying zulie. Moving on, banning these people doesn't improve the game whatsoever, over a thousand accounts were banned permanently, not even a temporary ban. 


Lets focus on zulie sellers for a second. People selling zulie are usually 3rd world countries trying to pay medical bills, electricity, rent, and more. Why not let them? It could be their only source of income. It could help them get by. It sure as hell will make them play the game more. 


Now say you start banning people buying zulies, people from 3rd world countries will no longer have anyone to sell to hence they leave the game in search of another game that keeps them going this goes both ways. Banning zulie sellers will also force them to move to a different game. 


Not everyone has the time to spend weeks or even months farming just to gear up, and I don't think people who get banned buying zulie would be willing to create more accounts and buy more zulies while the risk of getting banned is still there.



If anyone here is aware of blockchain based games then you must also be aware of PLAY 2 EARN games. Why not have a platform for selling items giving players complete ownership of their ZULIES, ITEMS, AND ACCOUNTS. People with money can spend on the game and people who are trying to make a living can sell to others.  You can even add royalties to whatever transaction is made so a certain percentage can always go to the ROSE team.



ROSE has existed for over 20 years people who usually play the game aren't new, they are familiar with the game, and they'll just end up moving to a different rose if this doesn't make them money no more. And people with money just want to enjoy the game on a weekend or after work. BANNING SPREES AREN'T AN OPTION. 

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I agree to this. I've been playing RPG games alot from PC to Mobile games for years maybe half of my entire life of living LOL. I lived in a 3rd world country and I know how it works for hardcore gamers/farmers. People rent PC's at internet cafe's just to play the game that they love, mostly are less privileged people with no income and can only afford to play 1-2hrs because of insufficient funds. That is when these players sell stuff that they got or farmed in game in order to have more play time and more funds to pay for the PC they rented.  

Some of these ppl do this for a living especially those who are unable to afford education but are skilled enough to know how a computer works. I see that alot. There are lots of reasons why ppl in the 3rd world country do this. And as I have noticed most of the player population are from those countries.

I joined alot of groups that are currently playing this game, and most of them are quitting or did quit because of what's happening rn with the banning. Its just sad to see these players leave because we enjoyed playing with each other and now they're gone and looking for another game. I just want this game to last long because I enjoy it and these ppl do to.

Im not encouraging ppl to do RMT, but this is just reality for every online game that exist. 

Players farm hardcore and play long hours. As long as they don't use cheats, hacks or apps that destroys the game.

 - Peace & more Power to this game and hardworking Devs -

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Just to clarify Uranus_1, this is a competitive game. If you wanna play for solely leisure you can always do that, its your choice on how you play your game. And for what you said about those who cannot afford to spend some, you/they can always farm stuff that you need, create a party with your friends or other players (make friends) and hunt together. Easy as that. And when you said these players intended to play this game just to earn, its their time, money and effort that's been sacrificed not yours. They just have more time to play, and are good at this. SEA players aint the problem, its your mentality my friend. 😄

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i've been playing this game for a very long time as well. i have been a GM in one of the private servers and saw that  everyone has their own way of playing the game. some wants to do quests, some wants to farm, some wants to do dungeons, some wants to do boss hunts and there are those who just enjoys pvp. this game is a very competitive game some players just wants to get stronger as soon as possible hince they resrt to "RMT" so that they could compete with boss hunts, with dungeons and in akram and to prove themselve that they are one of the strongest in the game, bragging rights so they say.

RMT is not new in online rpg games. big gaming companies like blizzard has P2W options in their game shop. its the players discretion to buy or not. 

Rose Online item mall can be consider as RMT as well though those costumes didnt have the stats to boosts the players charatcter but we still pay real money to show off our costume.


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How do you see this game in the future?

The game is still young its still on Early Access Stage yet its Early Dying.

If you check the players population in the game its DECLINING!

I made a new character just this week and partying isnt that easy just as it started. Everyone is at max already and lowbies are left without anyone to party with. 



1. Some of the players are playing the game for leisure only and in the long run will quit because of real life responsibilities.

2. Players lost of interest due to annoying bugs that arent yet addressed.

3. lack of events held by the devs or GMs themselves.

4. Banning players due to RMT without further reasons. Which is unfair because as a player of the game each of us has the right to know SPECiFICALLY how RMT banning works. Although it is kept as a secret by the devs to prevent the players to get around with it But still it needs to be ellaborated properly to all the players.

5. Strong clans are monopolyzing mats and bosses inside the game. 

6. Lots and lots of banned characters. Hardcore players are banned and they are those people that keeps the game alive in the long run.

7. In Game economy is bad already!

These are some of the reasons why i see this game wont last long.


Cheers everyone!

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