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Additional Option In-game Features


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There are few features I want to suggest and these are the following:

  1. Ignoring of Message(s) from a Specific Player
    • Description: Allows the user to chat block/ignore messages from a specific player.
      • PROs:
        • Will be able to ignore message(s) from a specific player especially the toxic ones.
      • CONs:
        • I don't see any disadvantage to this feature.
  2. Disabled the Alt + F4 function to FORCE CLOSE client.
    • Description: Alt + F4 function key should not exit the current client so players can have peace of mind the Second Quickbar for skills.
  3. Option to enable/disable effects
    • Description: Add turn on/off of CRITICAL and FLAMES/BONFIRE effects on game option.
      • PROs:
        • The CRITICAL effect's shake screen making some player dizzy. It would be nice to be able to turn it off.
        • Disabling FLAMES/BONFIRE effects can boost FPS.
      • CONs:
        • I don't see any disadvantage to this feature.
  4. Armory Links
    • Description: Link a specific item on text chat so player(s) can see the preview of the item stats and description.
  5. Option to enable/disable Text Bubbles
    • Description: Allows the user to turn on/off text bubbles chat.
  6. Timestamp on All Chats
    • Description: Option to enable/disable timestamp on text chats.
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