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Clan vs Clan Event


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I would like to suggest this to our dev/gm, It will be much better to have like a 3x a week event like all clans competing each other not just pk wars in a certain maps. It will help us be more competitive and not just afk for so long. Tho we have farming, dungeons but how bout those people that has full gears already, that wants to be in a real action why they built their characters.  It will also build a strong relationship between clan members since they will learn how to follow commands and use the word "teamwork" in a game. Akram Arena really wont help since objectives of players are just to get more points not to the main objective of breaking or defending the crystal. You will see people just trying to sneak and kill and clerics just trying to heal and afk with summons. 


Hoping your consideration in regards with this. 


Thank you

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