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1. Celestial WAR (CW)

Celestial War is a weekly event that’s based upon a crystal war in which a whole clan has to cooperate to conquer the planets. 

Hot Planet
When 30 minutes are remaining the “Hot” planet will be announced in all the Celestial War maps. The hot planet is a randomly picked planet that rewards the winning clan members.

Owning a Planet
The clan that has the highest score will become the planet owner. One point is awarded every second while holding a planet (=after destroying the planet’s Crystal). If another clan captures it, your obtained score will remain. Celestial War has a duration of 60 minutes.

Destroying a Crystal
Each time someone destroyed a Crystal an announcement will be made with the player’s name, which crystal has been destroyed and which clan now holds that planet. The person who destroyed the crystal will be given a Zulie Reward.

Advantage of owning a Planet
After the Celestial War has ended your clan will get 50% of the Planet taxes for the following week. 


2. Clan Tournament (15v15)

Clan Tournament is a clan based tournament where the 15 best players of each clan will PVP the other clans.
In order to win you and your clan should strategize to claim the prize, you can only win it by working together.

The tournament is based on a double-elimination system. This means if your team lose once you’ll get another chance. If you lose your second chance you are out of the tournament and will be teleported back to your saved town.


3. Team Tournament (3v3)

The Team Tournament is a weekly tournament that requires a group of three players. What’s unique about this tournament is that it also requires different jobs.

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