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KS high level mage in Luna


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I hope this letter finds you well,

I am making a complaint in behalf of my party mates about this player, with an ingame name Florriane1909, a high level mage. 

Tonight, 7:30pm GMT, me and my party mate were leveling up in peace when this person arrives and just KS all the mobs. We asked him to stop but kept on doing the same thing over and over, KSing mobs. In the end, we couldn't level up properly because of him. We asked him what's his problem and he just continuously harassed us and saying, "Are you gonna cry now?" "oh, cry" in Filipino, even my party mate, ask his clan mate what his doing in our spot. He is just mocking us and it makes him happy see us suffer from KSing mobs. 

I hope you can do anything about this harassment low levels are experiencing with these kind of players. Instead of us enjoying the game, it stressed us out because of what they're doing.

Hoping for your action to this.


Thank you and regards,

floraine report 2.png

floraine report. 1png.png

floraine report.png

floriane report 3.png

floriane report 4.png

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