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What would be a great way to attract newcomers to Rose Online?

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Hi everyone. I think everyone here has dear memories of the game and wants to play again due to nostalgia. But i think for a game like this to thrive is to attract newcomers as well. A healthy mmo always need a healthy stream of newcomers because almost all players eventually quit for one reason or another. I got a few ideas that could help.

  • Updated models, graphics and post-processingThe game breaths a lot of nostalgia, and for its age it still looks pretty okay due to its stylized look. It also does look very outdated. To attract newcomers and a younger audience it would be wise to eventually try and update the visuals of the entire game. (I also heard there already are plans to do this after they fixed the most problematic parts of the codebase).
  • Stable economy: I said it before and i'll say it again. The biggest problem Rose had was the unstable economy and the ridiculous inflation. The economy in classic Rose supported people who played early and penalized the players who started playing years after release (just like real life, lol). Ways to fix the economy would be putting items behind account locks and add a lot of money sinks where players can put all their money in.
  • Marketing: I stumbled upon the rerelease of Rose by accident. Not because i saw a news site covering it, or heard it from someone, but because i was wondering if anyone still thought about the game and took a look at the reddit page where i stumbled upon the post. That's terrible, especially since now i'm aware this is already in production for quite a while. Marketing does cost a pretty amount of money, but it is neccessary one way or another to attract newcomers. (I also have a direct contact to a game marketeer if anyone needs it).
  • Modern MMO game mechanics: The gameplay of Rose is simple as it is difficult, which is perfect for any mmo because newcomers can learn how to play while old recurring players can focus on more difficult systems. Everything however does feel outdated. The implementation of WASD movement will already give the game a modern mechanic, but we're not there yet. Due to the engine's lack of Y-tracking there's no way of creating elevated gameplay. That would personally be a great second step of trying to implement (Also the map design should need a big overhaul to not let players get to the edge of the map. It would also be an amazing addition to add small party dungeons that you can start and end without monsters respawning. 

That would be a list of suggestions i have to try and attract newcomers to the game. I can't press enough on having at least a marketing plan because if people don't know, they won't come.

I would love to discuss these points, as well as hear other people's opinions and ideas to attract newcomers. I hope with all my heart that Rose Online can flourish once more.

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