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53 minutes ago, GrrrGrrr said:

Hey guys recently I bought a set costume in item mall but the thing is I didn't received it . check all the inventory but nothing is there pls help . 1 spent 1k IM T_T

Open the item mall (Alt + b) and select the "purchases" tab on the left hand side. Then, drag and drop your items into your inventory. If you click "redeem", it will not work. 

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For future reference, some people CAN see the 'Purchases' Tab... but CAN'T open it, SO if you can see the 'Purchases' Tab in the Item Mall but when you click on it NOTHING opens DO THIS :~ open your ROSE Online Folder on your computer hard drive > find and open '3ddata' > open 'control' > open 'xml' > DELETE the 'itemmallstorge' XLM Document > if you still have the Game Client open... then SHUT IT DOWN, and restart the Client, it will make a new XML Document and you will now be able to click on the 'Purchases' Tab in the Item Mall and see your purchases, I had this problem when I first started playing and I had to research how to fix it and this method works !!

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