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Pls include the following:

*Make an Item Mall Exclusive Recreational Offhand that can be equipped with Magic Tool and Shield

-an item mall exclusive cosmetic accessories for Carts

-Hair, Face, Hair Color Item Mall Exclusive - I spent some points to know if there are IM exclusive feature on these items. But unfortunately none. Pls make an exclusive hair every month (moneyyyyy)

-Glow - pls include a Black color glow

*bring back the gold/yellow astaroth wing

-Vending Cosmetic Appearance- make it 100 points for a week rental. (Pls add some good visuals on this)

-make the vending shops appearance different in every planet (Luna-Igloo, Junon-Classic Vending, Eldeon- shop with plants etc.)

Lastly, we need the 5TH PLANET 🤣




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