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Leave your stall behind and stall filtering.


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So, I played a mobile game that has this idea which you can set up a stall then you can freely leave it. 

Every low level player or even high leveled players got items that they want to sell or at least try to sell, right? but in order to do that one must create another account, in worst scenario if they can't do the first one, they got to stop whatever they are doing and use that time to sell stuff. That's not the type of gameplay you would want on any MMORPG. (this is not a vending simulator) MMORPG should be played actively not passively. (in my opinion)

So the idea here is, in order for other people specially "NEW PLAYERS" to enjoy the game without getting involved in the not so fun stuff, (unless you earn like 9 digits out of it then you'll be more than happy to do that 24/7 lol, but the essence of the game should not be like that, right?) one should be able to set up a vend and leave it there to sell the stuff they want to sell and just come back to it whenever they want to and also there should be a limit for it like up to 12 hours(?) and 1 stall per IP so they won't occupy the space. (that would be the crash of junon lol)

Stall filtering idea is like there should be a search bar where you can search every item that has in game, once you search what you need the game will filter the stalls that has the item for sale and will eliminate (not kill XD) everyone that don't have the item that you want, it will hide every stall that has no connection to what you're searching for.

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