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The current state of the game is that all content is extremely easy. Dungeons can be completed quickly by abusing skips/using full dps groups instead of bringing tanks/kings not really feeling like “bosses” as any class can easily solo it with pots or decent gear. 

it’s making certain classes completely irrelevant and content boring and also creating an oversupply of dungeon loot as it’s really not challenging by any means. Imo dungeon boss loot should feel like a challenge was overcome with the effort of the group and it really just feels like a daily chore praying to the rng gods. 

suggestion: buff the content. Make bosses runspeed 100% faster so they cannot be easily kited by ranged classes. Make bosses hit harder/with more accuracy so that tanks are actually required and that encounters can’t be cheesed using funky dodge dps classes. Make kings hit as hard as bosses to actually invite more group play and make farming kings a clan/party effort. 


I get creating brand new content is prob unachievable right now with this current dev team, but this seems like something that can be easily modded and a good win to keep players engaged

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