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Damage/Healing Meters


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With how little verified information surrounding damage/healing formulas is available in this game, it’d be nice if we could have dps/damage taken/healing meters. It’d allow us to properly test different combinations of stats/builds without having to simply rely on “feels”. 

The current state of the game is that in dungeons or pvp, it’s hard to even see how much damage my character is doing because I see everyones damage, not just my own. It’d really add a great element to this game and having something like this would def raise the ceiling as I think people would begin to realize that others have more optimal builds and thus strive themselves to do more dps/healing/etc. 

additionally, with how little end game content there is right now: spamming dungeons endlessly for loot in an inflated market, and dont get me started on the current state of pvp, this would for sure add a more exciting element of the game and hopefully prevent players from being bored and quitting. 

please bring DPS meters (and healing and damage taken for tanks :)) or at minimum, please try to incorporate the total damage/kills/healing that is present in Arena and bring that to dungeons!! Would definitely make pvm dungeons way more engaging! 

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