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Bourg PVP buff


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I get that bourgs are the glass cannons of the game and I think that’s fairly acceptable “IF and only IF” we are actually supposed to be the farming / money making class. However, given the current way farming in the game is implemented via dungeons where loot is shared evenly with all members, we pretty much lose whatever advantage we have as this superior “farming” class. 

Now you take into account that we absolutely get slaughtered in PVP 

-squishiest class

-no shield buff or any kind

-slowest attack speed in game 

-no PVP stun for an already defenseless class

-no additional pvm/pvp skills available to us at all? 


-give bourgs a better defensive cd (even if we were to change dual layer to give us % damage reduction for 30 secs vs a % to defense). The % to defense does nothing bc our defense is already so marginal and we lack block/dodge completely having no DEX  

-please give bourgs a single target stun like almost every other class has or at minimum raise our cannon stun burst to be 100% and longer instead of 30% and two seconds. That is completely unreliable in every scenario and it makes playing this class feel really bad in comparison to almost every other class in Rose



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