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Constantly getting disconnected from the game


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I live in southern California, I have Cox cable and get over 500 MB download speed, I don't have any lagging or disconnecting issues with any other game I play. For some reason I constantly get disconnected, at the moment I am leveling both my cleric and scout at the same time and sometimes one will disconnect, or both, than I have to restart my party and lose all that progress. Sometimes I will log into one account, than try to log into the other account and it will say the servers are down and to try again later, even though I am already logged in with my other account on the same computer. I don't know if its an issue on my end or what is going on but I really would just like to be able to level for a few hours without constantly having to restart, at the moment I am leveling in Eldeon and I try to join these parties who are doing 8 quests at a time but I always disconnect 20-30 minutes in, its almost impossible to finish these so I stopped trying to join them. They especially get mad since I am usually the main support, so I just play with me and my cleric because of how unstable my connection is.


Is there any type of network setting or something I can do? It's every 20-30 minutes and I am tired of this constant disconnecting, I just want to play.

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