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Jewel chest


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1) What can be inside jewel chests (I)?

Ans. Random Grade 1 Gems, ex: Ruby[1], Diamond[1], etc and also in random amount, ex: 4pcs each of random grade 1 gems, if you are lucky, you might get 2pcs of one or more of them.

2) Is it worth selling it without opening it?

Ans: It depends on your possible buyers... Usually, these boxes are sold slightly lower in price compare to actual gems so other players "might" buy more of these, in the hope that they could get the gems they want in a much cheaper cost. Some might just find the actual gems they need even though it might cost them a much higher price because they would not want to gamble because for example, they need a Diamond[1] gem that are sold for example 500K Zulie, and they buy a Jewel Chest[1] instead for just 200K Zulie but after buying and opening 3pcs of it (Total Cost is now 600K) and still they did not get the Diamond[1] that they want or need, then they could feel like it's a lost since it already cost them more than that if they just buy the actual gem instead.

In short, it is a case to case basis, even to you as a seller, you can sell the chest cheaper or you can open it and if you are lucky, you might get a gem that could be sold much higher, or the other way around.

3) What's the difference in items with the jewel chests (V) dropped in dungeons?

Ans: As with the previous reply, the box is labeled as what is the grade of the possible gems inside... simply put, Jewel Box[1] will give out Gems[1] and Jewel Box[5] will give out Gems[5].

I hope I have elaborated enough for you to be able to decide wisely...

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