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Bring Back the Costume Bonus of the Exalted Set


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Good Day Developers Admin and Manager,

I would like to make this message for returning costume bonus stats of exalted set since it is one of the hardest drop in Sea of Dawn it goes to treasure and Chance of getting the piece. Especially, to the players work hard to farm it and zulie spenders. Make this costume set as one of the rarest item in game this costume exalted set is valuable for many players.

Thank You,


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I have responded to your PM, but I will also place this here so others can know about it, too. 

Costume bonus stats were removed from the game prior to the launch of Early Access. One of the things that needed to be updated were these wordings on all gear, as they were deceptive.

Since many of the P2W aspects involved having stats on the costume, the team had completely removed the code from the costume tab to never allow stats to be used on a character. Only the Avatar tab will allow stats. As a result of the item stating “Costume Bonus Only”, this meant players would never experience those extra bonuses as they, by default, would not work on the Avatar tab - and no coding on the costume tab would support it, either.

This update removed the wording for exalted sets as it created many confusion amongst players. They never gave you additional stats, they just said they did. Now they work if you place them in your Avatar tab.

I hope I was able to clear things up for you. 

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