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Problems logging in "new location" but my location hasn't changed


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I keep having problems logging in.

In the IPv4 world there is a shortage of IP addresses. My ISP has two address groups they use on the same connection (Because they ran out of addresses at that location), and they've added me to a CGNAT group, which I've asked them to remove me from, but they refuse.

I have a Dedicated PC for gaming, and another for work and non-gaming stuff. I don't use webmail, I use Thunderbird desktop program.

So I get 103.212.x.x or 86.8.x.x as I my IP address and it changes day by day.

So I have to repeatedly complete a "verify location". I get why you do that, but that doesn't mean it's not frustrating as my location has never changed.

The problem is I'm on PC A to play Rose. My email is accessed from PC B. So I "verify my location" from PC B,. which then results in a 403 Forbidden error.

I can't put Rose on PC B as it's a work PC. I can't put Thunderbird on PC A because it uses POP3 and then messages end up all over the place. I never use webmail. This particular account is not only used for gaming, so I can't install Thunderbird on the gaming PC and set up this account on PC A

I don't understand why two identical IP addresses (I assume I'm not allowed to post them here), are being detected as being in different locations and then triggering the security check. All IPs are in the same state in the same country,

I then get an email saying my registration is complete, but the account has long since been created and registered.

When attempting to log in I then get greeted with "The password is invalid or the account does not exist". But I am using the correct password.

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  • Supanova changed the title to Problems logging in "new location" but my location hasn't changed

Hi,  thanks for the suggesstion.

Sadly, I will never use mainstream media provider such as yahoo, mail.com, outlook/hotmail, and most certainly never ever anything google related.

It complained about an address that was already on my "never expire" list or whatever is the proper name for it.

I guess I will just have to deal with it until it's fixed. Or maybe take a break for a few months.

thanks for getting back to me.


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