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Server Status 2.5.2023


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We're going to deploy an hotfix in 15min, please logout of the game now to avoid any rollback or item loss.
The hotfix will address:
- Quest item progression loose when relogging/dc*
- 2 server fixes that could make client crash when Game Arena's end
We'll let you all know when server will be up, ETA maintenance time should not be more than 15min.

*For the quest that require to "hide" an item (like the Cart Quest), you will obviously need to abandon the quest and take it back, we are sorry for the inconvenience.
 If it's concerning a part of the Episode Quest, you should be able to abandon it and get it back if you talk to the latest NPC that gave you the quest, be sure to remember it!
We will close the tickets related to the Quest Item loss as it should now be working as expected, thank you all for your reports it was helpful. 

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