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Maximum Sub Stat Possible per Item Grade


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What is the possible maximum Sub Stat per Item Grade possible like for example:

Item Grade 1
- AP

Also with Item Grade 2, 3, 4, and 5

Please share screenshot of Items if you have for reference... Thanks!

This is what I have personally seen so far for Item Grade 1

- AP 10
- CHA 10
- STR 5
- INT 5
- SEN 5
- CON 5
- DEF 30
- CRIT 20

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5 minutes ago, Beelzebub said:

Was going to ask this also. Does anyone have info regarding this? I am trying to find a max stat movement speed for item grade 3 and i don't know what is maxed stat for G3 and should be looking for.

Yes, this could be helpful so that we can decide much better if when to use gem for stat improvement or just craft and hope to get a max sub stat for an item and specific grade level.

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I have tried to craft some items and included above are those that I usually get as their Sub Stat for Grade 1 for now and I don't know if those are the maxed value possible that is why I post this question so that others could share or verify.

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