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The 'First Hit' and 'No-Gap In Party' changes need to be revisited


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I think these changes might have been rushed, and are having some not-good consequences.


For First Hit:
People are now camping their high levels at low level bosses in attempts to 'steal' the loot from the players that originally tag it (and everyone else in the area).  Perhaps change it so that only people that "overkill" the boss within a reasonable level range get considered for the loot?


For Gap Party:
Finding party members in placed like Eldeon, where gap-parties are common, has no become a dice game of "Will they be allowed in when I invite them or won't they?"  Either we're still stuck calculating level gaps manually to respond to whispers of people trying to join us, or they show up asking if we have room and then the game auto-declines it.  I think a fix for this would be to put the 'gap party' in the Party Settings and let the party leader control it.

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