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Ammo/Backpack Changes


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Hi, just proposing a change to ammo and backpacks.

Feel it would be better to have Ammo fit into the consumables tab instead of the materials tab. Eases the hindrance of being a dealer or scout and having several slots of material inventory taken up via Ammunition. Also makes using higher end ammunition more viable and thus also dropping money out of the economy, which is nearly always a good thing in MMO's as there is never enough money sinks.

Secondary related to this, make backpacks also reduced weight of carried ammunition by up to 50%? might scale it more or less depending on tier of backpack of course.

On the notion of backpacks, would be nice to have it add in more inventory slots that it can hold, maybe 4-6? i know this is a lot more of a change than the other two, so i suggest this with a grain of salt 😄

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