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Clerics - What sub builds are there other than battle cleric?


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Hello everyone,


I recently started to play Rose Online after having played a LONG time ago... (8 Years old now 20 LOL) and I always wanted to be a cleric... Now I actually have a functional brain I was wondering what TYPES of Clerics there are. What I mean by this is that at the moment I am aware of the Battle Cleric and Support Cleric but I wondered if anyone has found any unique builds / playstyles for the Cleric e.g I imagine building around the summon skills would be cool?



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Hello and welcome back!

Quick thing, I moved your topic to the appropriate section. I find it'll be much easier in this regard. Also, feel free to join us on Discord! There are many topics on there, as well, in terms of skill/stat builds of all classes. 🙂

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