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Any advanced tips a new player should know?


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I played this game back during the original, and i never got passed level 20.  I'm playing now at level 30 and i'm wondering if anyone has any tips that would be helpful towards a player who already knows the basics of the game(or so i think).  So far i'm just following the story and doing some fetch quests and repeatable quests along the way, throwing all my points into Dex and Sen as a hawker and just ranndomly adding skill points that I feel are useful. Things i'm looking for are maybe ways to spend skill/combat points, or important material items to collect or how to use them, what/when to spend zulies, efficient ways to level, etc..? Anything is appreciated:)  

Also if anyone wants to link up in game, my character name is the same as my forum name.

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As for leveling here is a guide from Clown.

For quests to level as well as getting zulie the post from Avatar does a great job in explaining and getting an item to increase further exp

Right now you have free stat resets so try out what you like. I would suggest putting some stats into con at some point for the accuracy.


for items, you have a big storage, if you’re unsure place everything in your storage for future reference.

There is a website here for crafting by luckystriike https://luckyscrafting.site/

if there is specific items you would like or what not you can refer here and see the resources needed.

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