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Future Content?


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Should we expect any future content from the current developers?

We all know ROSE was discontinued a long time ago and what was left was just slightly improved content on existing features. Knowing that costume effects are disabled, Item mall stuff will only be cosmetics, "Runes won't be coming back" quoted from HB, and there was no sort of capping of content at the start of the game; would there be anything else to look forward to? new maps? maybe access to a new planet? or are we just really at the end-game content 1 month into the game? At the very least can we have a road map on what's to come? 

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We are still in Early Access, not official release. Right now the team is focused on getting the errors/bugs that are currently on the server fixed.  

Once these issues have been fixed, then other content will start rolling out. There are some plans in mind on what to work on next, but until everything bug related is dealt with, no plans can be given as to not make any false promises. 

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