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Name reservation on deleted account


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As stated here, if you were to delete the account entirely, then the name reserved would be free for anyone to use, unless you act quickly.

However, there is no need for this. You can submit a ticket in order to transfer your reserved name to another one of your accounts, if necessary. 

This was taken from the announcement:

Q: How long will my name be reserved?
A: The name will be permanently reserved as long as your account is not deleted. Even if you never create a character with that name or delete an existing character using that name, nobody will be able to use it.

Q: Can I transfer my name?
A: We encourage you to reserve names on the account you intend to use it on, however if you find that you want to transfer your name to another account then we will accommodate name reservation transfers via our ticketing system at https://forum.roseonlinegame.com/support/

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