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PvP Game Arena Change


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It's been a few days since the change that 20 people must be in the queue before the game starts. I get why the change was made as a bunch of the games were lobsided.

The issue is that a singular arena (to my knowledge) has not been run since the change was made, I have been in the queue basically all day, both days.

You literally cannot PvP at the moment outside the other two which no one queues anyway. People who play this game for PvP have no options, theres basically nothing we can do at the moment and people are looking at other games.

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yeah at least they make it as 5v5 requirement to start a PVP arena match (this is actually a good spot to avoid farming since you can easily manipulate honor points when it's at 3v3... but over 3 members in each team... everyone gets less points - unless they did really well or farmed their alt on the other side lol)

10v10 requirement is overkill... I haven't had a single arena match since the update... pvp is dead.

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