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How to acquire valor points?


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Yes, one way is to do quests. Another is to participate in the dungeons, such as Cave of Ulverick (COU), Halls of Oblivion (HOO), Sea of Dawn (SOD), and Sikuku Catacombs (SC). 

Take a look at this post. It mentions which quests reward valor points.


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27 minutes ago, FredGames07 said:

I did all these quests from adventurer's plains to kenji beach and I didn't get any valor points and my status is like this 0/10,000.

Did you actually read the post at all? 

“You can get several repeatable quests that reward with valor points from each of the following NPC's
 [Arumic Researcher] Carasia
 [Ferrell Guild Staff] Charrs
 [Junon Order Elder] Gorthein
 [Righteous Crusader] Huffe”

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