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Limited stats for event costumes


If limited stats is going to be implement how would you want to get them?  

  1. 1. How players want to get their limited stats from event costumes?

    • Buy costume each year for limited stats (for the event duration)
    • Same costume no need to buy again, you get limited stats (for the event duration)
    • Repair your old costume to get limited stats (for the event duration)

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Add limited stats (only %xp, maybe some minor stat increase for max lvl players) for event costumes like santa/rudolph set from the previous xmas event.

This limited stats would be +%xp (maybe 10% extra) ONLY for the duration of the event, once it ends you can still use your costume but you won't get the extra xp.

For future event reruns i suggest different ways to gain access to the previous limited stat:

  1. Have to buy the whole costume again
  2. Equip the costume you got from previous years and enjoy you limited stats for the rest of the event.
  3. Buy special items (with lower price than buying whole costume once again) to repair you costume for getting the xp buff again. For xmas event would be buying "Xmas Magical Star" to repair the magic of your santa/rudolph set or something like that.

This whole suggestion is only for costumes that you get during event. IM category does not count here and won't

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