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Buff/Debuff UI


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I believe there was a mention of a UI overhaul in another post so this might be a bit of a redundant suggestion, but here I go anyways.

The way buffs display are quite archaic. 
     1. Really small Icons
     2. Duration only displayed while mouse over
     3. The text box sometimes is slightly underlayer from the hardware cursor making it hard to read sometimes.

I don't think I need to make a pros vs. cons on this because its simply an update that helps visual information for players. I suppose that you could make the argument that higher level or veteran players wouldn't need to read the tooltips because they already know what specific buffs do, and wouldn't need a duration timer since they would just rebuff more often than not, but this a visual aid that is now apart of all modern MMOs I can think of.

To continue this. Unless I'm simply unaware of the UI settings for the game. I don't see a location for tracking personal/target debuffs. This i would argue is quite important for PvE, and even more so for PvP.

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