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Knight 'taunt' abilities should always have 100% success rate.


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Knights are the only 'tank' class in the game, in that they are the ones charged with the responsibility of holding aggro on bosses and multiple mobs for organized PVE content.  Our skills reflect this, but they do so in a way that leaves the responsibility of the role entirely up to chance.  For reference, these are the taunting abilities in the game;


1. Taunt (Soldier skill)  100% chance of taunting

2. Sacrifice (Unique Skillbook for Soldier):  100% chance of taunting in an AoE

3. Impact Wave (only built-in AoE taunt that Knight gets):  50% chance of taunting in an AoE

4. Magic Shot (crossbow taunt):  100% chance of taunt

One of these things is not like the others~

Impact Wave should have a guaranteed chance of taunting.  (If I might add, I believe it also deserves a range boost considering 8m is not really enough on its own and we don't have any AoE range increasing passives/buffs.  Same goes for Crushing Impact with its tiny 5m range..)



Also, I hope its not out of line for me to link the endorsement from discord;


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I think another aspect to consider is making the duration of taunt last a little longer than 1 second. It’s crazy fast how I can sacrifice and as soon as someone AoEs they immediately go for them. And yes, I’ll even wait for a few AoEs first, then sacrifice… but it doesn’t last. They’re too quick to jump on someone else despite the taunts. 

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I don't recall a taunt ever only being 1 second long in any games I've played. So if that's the case for Rose Online that's probably not good for the game. Sure if there was a threat list where "taunt" would add 10% to the top threat list it could be only one second long, but I'm not even sure the exact mechanical functionality of taunt on this game.

The AoE taunt should also have its ranged tuned with other melee DPS' AoE abilities. For example if most melee DPS AoE's ability have a range of 8, then taunt should be 12. *These are just example values* .

I think fighting to hold threat on single encounter boss fights is kind of nice so that the tank must have high up time in control to "control" the boss, but it seems a bit lack luster from what has been said here so far.

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