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Buy Item mall point using Zulie!


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14 minutes ago, -POSB- said:

Hi, as title said. In future will they allow us to buy Item mall point from other player using Zulie?

The current stance of the team is no P2W, this is why every item in the item mall is account locked on acquire. 

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16 hours ago, Snow said:

this is actually good to those who don't have an access to credit cards.

You can buy a disposable credit cards you can buy in gas stations. 

5 hours ago, ingataja02 said:

server need money too bro

its good idea for server

NaRose was like that and i dont think they lasted long no? 

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I kinda do like the idea of having certain item mall items being bought with exorbitant amounts of zulie  as a sink for zulies in the game. This is something that is needed based on past server experience. IE people having trillions and items being worth twice max cash should not be a thing.

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Until the devs come up with some form of consistent income (such as a premium service of sorts), don’t expect this sort of thing. The item mall is their primary source of income. If you sold bread in the world to make money, would you give it away for free to your customers? You’d be out of business fast.  

while I understand where the question comes from, it’s a ridiculous request.

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