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[Guide] Travel to other Planets


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Have you been wondering how to move on to the rest of the Planets? Are you looking for Adventure?

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Then look no further! For here is your quest guide to moving onto Luna, and soon the remaining two worlds!


To start the quest you need to be level 70 minimum.

In Junon Polis, talk to Alphonso to start the quest.

Go to Kenji Beach and find the Doll the Krawfys have taken.

rosemarys doll.pngdoll info.jpg

Return to Kenji and talk to Bith about Sellion's Quill.

sellion's quill.jpgquill info.jpg

Talk to Mildun to get a Spare Mana Engine.

mana engine.jpgmana info.jpg

Head to Canyon City of Zant to see what Spero can figure out with the Schematics.

Schematics.jpgschem info.jpg

For some reason Little Goblins seem to have Sellion's Memorandum, you had better go get them back!

sellion's memorandum.jpgmem info.jpg

Return to Alphonso one last time and now you can go to Luna! *Or the other worlds if you are high enough level!*


  • Level required to be to go to each planet.
    • Zulie cost required to be to go to each planet.
  • Junon     1
    • Luna -      5,000
    • Eldeon - 20,000
    • Orlo -     30,000
  • Luna        70
    • Junon -    5,000
    • Eldeon - 13,000
    • Orlo -      19,500
  • Eldeon    120
    • Junon -   20,000
    • Luna -     13,000
    • Orlo -      19,500
  • Orlo         200 *Vizier's Key Skill*
    • Junon -  30,000
    • Luna -     19,500
    • Eldeon -  19,500
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