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Clan Chat Commands


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Hello everyone,

There has already been a need for me to change my clan slogan and I just helped someone else change theirs. I thought I’d just add it here so we’re all aware of them. 

To invite: 

@/clan invite <CharacterName>

To promote: 
@/clan promote <CharacterName>

To demote: 
@/clan demote <CharacterName>

To kick:
@/clan kick <CharacterName>

To change clan slogan:
@/clan slogan <New Slogan>

To leave:
@/clan quit

There has been instances of spamming in game or people believing others are spamming and are just annoyed at it. You can ignore and unignore individuals with the following commands:

/Ignore <CharacterName>

/Unignore <CharacterName>

Hope this helps! 

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